• It’s 2017.  How did that happen? What resolutions did you make? What resolutions did you break? Did you resolve to read more this year? Did you embrace with the idea of reading more in 2017 with complete and absolute glee? Yes!  You did! But where do you start?  You could just pick up a book… [Continue Reading]

    Happy New Year!
  • The Saunders Family Library welcomes new and returning faculty and students to the 2016-2017 school year. As the song says, “We’ve only just begun,” but it’s never too early to start thinking about how to put your library to work for you. We have an incredible collection of print, film, and digital resources, and are… [Continue Reading]

    Let’s Get To Work
  • We all know there are too many places on the web to go for news, to be inspired, to be challenged. Sure, it can be overwhelming, but every now and then I find something that feels different in a provocative way. My new find is JSTOR Daily: Where News Meets Its Scholarly Match. Describing itself,… [Continue Reading]

    Klingon & Utopia: JSTOR Daily
  • We’re all told not to do this. That phrase has even become a way of saying, “Don’t be superficial. Take the time to look beneath the surface.” But there are some book covers that just beg the reader to pick them up. This morning I decided to take a few minutes (I know this is… [Continue Reading]

    Judging a book by its cover
  • It’s true.  Everybody poops.  It’s also true that 2.6 billion do not have access to clean water or adequate sanitation.  In response to that distressing problem, Shayna Cooke’s Biology II students are exploring ways to design an inexpensive, light, and easy-to-use toilet for densely populated regions in India. Prior to the Skype session, the Bio… [Continue Reading]

    #everybodypoops: exploring affordable sanitation in developing countries