• Happy Spring Break!
  • Carytown has a lot of our favorite things:  World of Mirth of toys and whimsical oddities, Plan 9 for records, 10 Italian Cafe for lattes (the Inferno is the best), and Chop Suey for books. Usually we spend a lot of time reading book reviews in professional journals like Library Journal, School Library Journal, and… [Continue Reading]

    A hodge podge: things collected from Chop Suey
  • Enjoy some of these pictures and videos from the puppet workshop with Heidi Rugg from Barefoot Puppets and Puppets Off Broad. The puppet workshop started out with these peepers by Tobey Ford.   Look closely at the hands of these teachers.  See those peepers.  Also, did you know how hard it is to keep one’s… [Continue Reading]

    Puppet workshop roundup
  • Imagine it:  You’re returning home from school.  By your front door you see a package from Amazon.  It feels like your birthday!  You have a package!  Everything is going your way.  “What could it be?” You wonder.  You rip through the packing tape, and there it is.  The special thing you ordered. We get to… [Continue Reading]

    Special Delivery: A Spotlight on New Arrivals
  • Tyler Boyd, inquisitive Latin teacher, breezed through the library this morning with book in hand.  “You know what the problem is?” He asked.  “There are too many books, and not enough time to read them.” It’s true.  So true. But maybe we can find a few minutes here and there to get into a good… [Continue Reading]

    So many books: new additions to SFL (that’s Saunders Family Library for short)

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